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DiSC Profiling

DiSC® Profiling underpins all Team Building Co programmes, workshops and coaching for business clients. Jenny's key area of expertise and real skill in working with all TBC clients is in facilitating DiSC® Profiling, and helping the individuals and teams participating in this process to clearly understand and successfully use this knowledge to improve all aspects of their working environments. The information provided through the DiSC® reports along with Jenny's expert knowledge of DiSC® provides an in-depth understanding of how people are perceived an received in their workplace.

Jenny's unique consultation process with the DiSC® Profiling facilitation includes personal follow-up and guidance.

Find out more about DiSC® Profiling here.

Team Building

All Team Building programmes are tailored specifically to the needs of your business and the team identified as needing support. These programmes are designed to:

  • Improve motivation and staff morale.
  • Build relationships based on trust, respect and credibility.
  • Help team members understand what makes them tick.
  • Enhance communication and problem solving skills.
  • Identify team strengths, challenges and limitations.
  • Provide your team with feedback on areas for further growth and development.
  • Improve the effectiveness of teamwork.

During this programme you may also receive:

  • Individual DiSC® profiles and comparison reports to understand working with other members of the team.
  • Follow up advice and support where required.

Give me a call today to arrange a meeting to discuss your areas of concern and opportunities for improvement from which I can put together a suitable programme that also fits within any timing or budget constraints you may have.

Coaching & Mentoring Staff To Success

This leadership programme is specifically designed to help business leaders and managers to learn how to effectively coach & mentor their staff to success. Dependent on the needs of your business, your own current skills and the dynamics of your staff, this tailored programme typically includes:

  • The essential principles of leadership required to be an effective coach and mentor.
  • Defining what coaching and mentoring is and what this looks like in practice.
  • Communication styles including different styles to coach and mentor people.
  • Strategies for addressing issues or concerns.
  • Tools to provide feedback and feed forward to staff. 

During this programme you will also receive:

  • Your individual DiSC® profile which is linked to the coaching and mentoring process and your resource.
  • Simple-to-use templates for documentation.
  • Follow up advice and support where required.

Coaching & Mentoring Staff to Success is available as a one-on-one programme or can be designed as group programme for your management team.

Staff Troubleshooting

Having difficulty resolving a particular staff issue? Or maybe you have some concerns about your staff or a specific person in your business?

I can provide the expertise to support you to resolve these issues or concerns quickly and effectively. As an independent consultant bringing an outside perspective, I will help you to define and understand these challenges more clearly in order to find a good solution and prevent such problems happening again in future.

It can be challenging for managers and principals to see why problems are occurring because you are often too close to the situation or person involved. I will support all parties through this process to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

My Staff Troubleshooting service is:

  • Confidential.
  • Provides practical strategies and solutions.
  • Can be accessed onsite or offsite.
  • Offers recommendations, changes and training where required.

During this programme you may also receive:

  • Individual DiSC® profiles for those involved in the staff issue and comparison reports to learn how to work together more effectively.
  • Follow up advice and support where required.


Jenny has been a huge asset to our organisation and has delivered, workshops for us on organisational change, communication styles (including DISC profiles) and team building, introduced and facilitated mediation as a positive step to address issues that occasionally arise, assisted with hiring the right candidates and completed management training and coached our management team... read more

Jay Banner, Employ NZ