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Leadership Training & Mentoring

As well as the public Leadership courses I facilitate throughout New Zealand and Australia as listed on my calendar page, we can also work together to design a programme that specifically suits your needs and current skills.

My one-on-one tailored programmes can be run on-site at your business or at another agreed suitable location. Sometimes doing this work off-site can also give you more clarity and insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

I also offer remote options for advice, guidance and mentoring options.

The Leadership Training & Mentoring programme typically includes:

  • Essential principles of leadership.
  • How to build and maintain positive workplace environments.
  • Communicating with clarity and effectiveness.
  • Creating a culture of giving and receiving relevant, effective and meaningful feedback and feed forward.
  • Resolving conflict proactively.
  • Developing a greater understanding of yourself as a leader including strengths, challenges and limitations.
  • DiSC® Profile.
  • Understand how you can be perceived in your work environment.
  • How to coach and mentor your staff and teams to success.
  • Creating a leadership vision and action plan.

Give me a call today to arrange a meeting to discuss your particular needs, areas of concern and/or expectations for professional development. I will then put together a suitable programme that also fits within any timing or budget constraints you may have.


Coaching sessions with Jenny are friendly, informative and provide the right environment to build your personal confidence along with practical advice to develop effective leadership practices. Jenny has a unique understanding of what leadership actually means in the workplace and her coaching has demonstrated how to work with different behaviours to build a positive team dynamic. Jenny has provided excellent written resources and fun ideas for team building, all very user friendly and great for lifting the spirits. Using the DiSC® analysis was the key to understanding myself and looking at who I was surrounded by. It has been amazing to see the difference in our team dynamic now I have a clearer understanding of different behaviours and how I can best meet their needs as the Leader in their workplace...  read more

Pam Cooper